breathing with jellies

Everything universal begins, ends, or is transfigured through breath. Organic breathing engenders the body mind heart to heal, open, and release its authentic, non corny love and beauty into the world. But why jellyfish? It began at the Monterey Bay Aquarium many years back. I began looking at the different jelly displays and couldn’t stop. It was a mini journey in satchidananda. But why? I didn’t know.  Many years forward it became clear, they’re breathing underwater in the most beautiful and soft ways. Even though they weren’t breathing for reals, the jellies were modeling the movement of a free, unimpeded, weightless, 360 degree, 3 dimensional, diaphragm muscle. Physiologically and structurally speaking, humans can’t duplicate this freedom. The diaphragm is not a full dome, more like a half dome, and its attached to the lower ribs all over, worse still it has a tail that is anchored onto the lumbar vertebrae. The diaphragm’s shape is fixed from above. Below, the diaphragm pushes against internal organs that push still more internal organs. At its best the diaphragm’s massaging movements help all the organs to extract, process, and eliminate.  For most of us, this grand design is lost due to trauma, lifestyle choices, and stress. When these factors are present, the diaphragm’s movements into the viscera no longer feel good. Over time, the diaphragm’s range of downward movement decreases because there is too many painful internal movements and painful memories. The sympathetic nervous system response begins to dominate and creates a chronic upward movement in the diaphragm, which makes breathing into the viscera more painful still. Michelle talked about “undoing,” and this is the fundamental undoing. Breathing downward and consistently radiating movement into the intestines, stomach, liver, and kidneys. That is why I love jellyfishes.

Fun Prescriptive Grammar Fact: One Fish (singular), Many Fish (plural, one kind of fish) Many Fishes (plural, many kinds of fishes)

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practicing 5 excellences: 1) yoga/tai ji 2) health 3) art 4) nature 5) healing
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