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the fluid movement of gelatin

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the fluid movement of snails

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distinguishing yoga’s origin from its current manifestations

This new creature, with its organs, circulating blood, all of its interior life, still undulating with its oceanic origins, muscles itself on land. But always, though it all, no matter what, its internalized fluid resonance continues to carry the message … Continue reading

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freedom style yoga

Freedom Style Yoga’s Universal Principals of Alignment: 1) Yoga joins an individual’s being with pure infinite being. 2) Asanas are painfree. If it’s painful don’t do it. 3) There is no single alignment or set of alignments for any pose. … Continue reading

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i don’t give a fuck about anusara

Emotional Materialism: When I finally bought an anusara “light the sky” t-shirt I should have known it was the end. From the early 00′s “full blast” era of muscular energy, the magic fingers and LA’s very own invocation melody to … Continue reading

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breathing with jellies

Everything universal begins, ends, or is transfigured through breath. Organic breathing engenders the body mind heart to heal, open, and release its authentic, non corny love and beauty into the world. But why jellyfish? It began at the Monterey Bay … Continue reading

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